Sumith Jayantha Dias

The necessity to inaugurate a media network covering the entire globe promoting peace and harmony among its inhabitants has arisen more than ever before. 

While the world is advancing along the paths of improvement day by day, people struggle brutally to overpower each other, adhering to differences of opinion in order to safeguard their respective religious beliefs, national interests and caste and creed distinctions.  The wicked terrorism and slaughter are grabbing even The right of survival from man and the beast alike. Politicians allover the world strengthens squads to safeguard their power forever. Firearms, nuclear weapons and nasty life destructive methods are being tested and practiced repeatedly, throughout the world.  Innocent masses inclusive of children and the young and the old like you and me are who spend a brief life span on this earth are victimized and deprived of longevity.


By some mystery we have come to live on this earth, temporarily though, for a very short period of time, and it is our duty to do something worthy for our next generation.  Therefore let us ensure that at least peace is instituted among the masses including the boisterous, rebellious weaklings who spread and promote hatred and violence among the people, by enlightening to them the worth of humanity and it's values. Ii is the unending weaknesses of our own species prevailing in this society that is responsible for producing Bin Laden and Hitler's.


The media personnel and artistes throughout the world hold a big responsibility in this regard. A responsibility that exceeds all bars and differences, such as nationalities, nation boundaries, marginal conflicts, linguistic and all sorts of other conflicts down to caste and creed. This is solely a humane responsibility. The time has set in to establish peace and its values and to build a world –wide concern among the people of today..


'Says Dr. Arthur C. Clerke.

''If there happen to be wiseacre creatures in other planets in the universe who could pick up the signals broadcast by the radio and television channels around the globe transmitted via satellite, they are sure to conclude our world as a planet of brutes and cannibals preying on each other.

Only When...

Only when it is understood that there is neither a God nor no God has the door to nirvana been opened, but to enter it one must stop having and expressing concepts and opinion.

Truth will never be found as long as one remains in one extreme or the other.
Only when the mind is empty, when liking and disliking have disappeared, when everything is treated alike without distinction, when value and meaning are no longer attached to words, when outside of love nothing else exist has the journey ended.

Buddhist Quote of the Moment

A good spiritual friend who will help us to stay on the path, with whom we can discuss our difficulties frankly, sure of a compassionate response, provides an important support system which is often lacking. Although people live and practice together, one-upmanship often comes between them. A really good friend is like a mountain guide. The spiritual path is like climbing a mountain: we don't really know what we will find at the summit. We have only heard that it is beautiful, everybody is happy there, the view is magnificent and the air unpolluted. If we have a guide who has already climbed the mountain, he can help us avoid falling into a crevasse, or slipping on loose stones, or getting off the path. The one common antidote for all our hindrances is noble friends and noble conversations, which are health food for the mind.
neither a God nor no God !